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Only half of the month, there have been a bunch of strange new festivals.

March 14, Fudan University East Fu floor in front of many students in the use of McDonald’s faction to celebrate March 14 “circumference rate”, which is already a tradition for three consecutive years. And a few days ago, Shanghai Wujiaochang University City McDonald’s, Tongji University Department of Mathematics, hundreds of students also staff a McDonald’s faction, his mouth to recite the pi rate of pi. Because π and send homonym, McDonald’s China from 2015 onwards, the March 14 positioning their “school day”.

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Festivals and Nike, in order to celebrate the March 26 Nike Air Max Day, March 13 in the beginning of a few weeks, in Toronto, a decorated by the classic style of Nike shoes, will be in the city appear. This festival is opened from 2014, in order to commemorate the birth of Nike classic shoes series Air Max. And celebrations around the world will continue.

Air Max is a kind of air cushion technology, people can directly see the air running behind the air in the running shoes, then it has become a shoe series name.

And earlier on March 6, “International Oreo Cookies”. In order to celebrate the 105th anniversary of the birth of this black and white sandwich biscuits, along the “bubble bubble contest” to promote, Oreo played in New York 1000 milk, and then use the UAV will be a small Oliver biscuit from the Statue of Liberty Height “thrown into” milk.

Although it is coincidental, but the whole March seems to be the focus of the brand festival time. This is a popular in recent years, a popular marketing, the brand for a product to set up a holiday, and then began a variety of offline activities, inviting fans with carnival. As for the brand’s original intention, Nike’s argument for the media is, “We think the time has come.” If you guess the meaning behind, then the official argument may be that the product itself gathered a certain popularity and historical basis.

Stanely Hanisworth is the chief creative director of the advertising agency Tether, who has served as creative director of Nike, Starbucks and LEGO in the US market. In his view, the establishment and rise of brand day, is in the fierce competition in the business of brand emphasis on history, the formation of personalized and exclusive. “Nike has a long history in the field of shoes, it is good at making evergreen shoes, from Cortez, Air Max to Jordan.” Stanely Hanisworth told the interface news, “because many consumers are wearing Nike shoes grow up, they On which the shoes will have a special feeling. “Based on this emotional basis, you can more naturally create manufacturing festivals, the formation of a brand identity.

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McDonald’s year there will be two brand festivals, in addition to March 14 “send day”, as well as Chinese lunar solar terms “big potato day”. It is even very directly attributable to the two festivals as “Mai Mai Fen Festival”. McDonald’s will be in the two days under the line to organize a variety of interactive activities, such as “send day” when the recitation of pi pi cup, or “big potato day” in the social network to invite everyone to use fries to create.

Nike is basically the same route. Air Max Day, Nike will be in the world’s major markets for a series of offline activities, from different countries, Nike and its creative agents, the regular action is open under the Air Max Con a flash shop, show this pair of classic shoes Air Max, and then the main Air Max style.

For example, last year in Hong Kong, Nike will be on the next subway No. 2 a historical building (milk company office building) into a display space. At the same time on-line Nike will also invite fans to several pairs of different Air Max to vote, the highest number of votes will become the next year’s Air Max Day main models.

Whether it is “sent day” or Air Max Day, these festivals themselves are around a classic product was born. Compared to the establishment of a McDonald’s or Nike Festival, the classic product for communication media, more likely to arouse the emotional resonance of consumers, thereby enhancing brand loyalty. Choose what kind of product, and brand communication strategy is not unrelated.

Eager to brand image more young McDonald’s, in the set “holiday” when the time will often take into account the marketing hot – usually advertising companies will have a year hot tracking table, which covers a different time node – “big potato day” Is based on the Chinese lunar solar terms “big summer” this day to establish, and “school day” is March 14, these two days with the product has a clever connection, sounds more interesting, can bring social networks on the young The spontaneous spread of consumers.

While Nike wants to emphasize their own technological innovation. Air Max up to 30 years of product iterative process, every year there will be different technological changes, “Air Max Day is a good opportunity to show Nike in the classic shoes into the technical ability to set up a festival for the Air Max, a It is enough to be classic, on the other hand it is also the history of Nike can see the first technology (that is, cushioning bubbles) how to reflect a product in the shoes. “Stanely Hanisworth told the interface news.

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“Build section” of this form, you can, such as magnets in general, quickly let loyal customers in the cultural identity generally concentrated.

The sociologist James Harkin, in the book “Why is the mainstream no longer loved by the market,” refers to the concept of the circle, built by a small minority culture of the circle Relationship, has a strong attribution attribute. For example, Nike Air Max since its birth in 1987, has established its own sneaker culture and trend direction. Simply speaking, just as in the forum era, you should also see the Air Max lovers forum like the site, social media prevailed now, a festival belonging to Air Max, it is the fastest way to put this brand or this Shoe lovers gather again together.

McDonald’s is the case, its brand concept is “Let us be together.” While the festival is one of the ways. “McDonald’s classic unique snack, since 1993, launched the first apple pie since, has launched at least 15 factions, and fries is McDonald’s proud of the world famous classic snacks, two snacks have been “McDonald’s (China) said in a reply to the news of the interface,” through the classic product, and the line around the McDonald’s restaurant within the multi-party party carnival, can help us build a brand around the brand The powder circle and the formation of a close relationship with the sticky.

March 8, Nike ushered in the opening Sina microblogging since the highest popularity of a microblogging. FBOYS team captain Wang Junkai made a microblogging called “to see the world’s most powerful designers, and we think how should I design their own sports shoes? # AirMax #”, Nike official micro-forwarding, then received 188 million Sub-forwarding and 14,000 praise

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If you are familiar with the industry, you will find this phenomenon is not uncommon. Luxury brands will invite stars to the scene to see the show, and then send live photos on the social network, the official micro-forwarding to get traffic. But Nike rarely do so, the brand almost no cooperation with entertainment stars.

But in order to Air Max Day, this may be the largest annual budget of Nike’s largest marketing campaign, Nike invited Wang Junkai to the headquarters to meet with the designer. According to the media revealed that Wang Junkai will participate in the design of a Air Max shoes, and this shoe will be included in this year’s Air Max Day vote. It is conceivable that he can bring great traffic and sales to this activity.

Nike and Wang Junkai cooperation, perhaps out of the pressure from the competition Adidas. Adidas embarked on the “burst fashion” road, 2016 received a net profit of 1 billion euros of beautiful performance. Adidas to create explosive means, there is a link is given to entertainment stars. To Hong Kong and Taiwan stars, for example, the recent wave of voice in the field of China’s rising voice of the remaining music and Zhou Bohao, when Adidas released new shoes – whether it is NMD or yezzy – they will be received today in advance, and then made a letter in Instagram Figure, again @adidas expressed gratitude.

Although McDonald’s and Oreo did not Nike so “generous”, but the two festivals are also on the social network to bring them a lot of topics. Oreo to high-altitude “bubble” biscuits video made gif in the social network, and McDonald’s “school day” topic in Sina microblogging topic reading on March 12 has been 13 million people.

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McDonald’s is very good at making simple promotions, making it interesting and conducive to social media. Brand day of the establishment, is one of the ways. In addition to allowing fans to interact with each other, and the brand to establish a relationship, the brand day also shoulder the task of sales. In the “school day” period, McDonald’s all the taste of the party will be limited to 3 yuan discount, while the classic strawberry taste of the return. And last year, “big fries” on the promotion of large pieces of fries can be infinitely continued.

Nike is also the case, it will be launched during the Air Max Day year’s main series. Air Max series has been available, has sold more than 9,000 different design styles, and in the Air Max Day, Nike will invite enthusiasts to vote for 100 pairs, select a re-engraved. While the introduction of the season’s new design, for example, this year’s Air Max Day launched 8 models. If this is not the vote and Air Max Day a series of grand activities, we have for what reason to buy a pair of technically just a slight iteration of the Air Max it?

“If you want to talk about commercial benefits, such as Nike’s brand can be from these classic products and festivals, constantly again and again to re-introduce iterative products.As long as the brand to keep the fans close contact, these new products in fact Fans are the gift of the brand to give them, “said Stanely Hanisworth.